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<<Secret Surveillance Products>>

   Digital Future is a top provider of secret computer monitoring and surveillance solutions to individuals and businesses. Through our advanced computer forensics technology, we are able to provide the award-winning software solution, called PC Police. Below is an outline of example applications of PC Police, including a feature list and a comparison chart.

What if you knew that

...Maybe your spouse is cheating on you online, engaging in cyber sex and meeting sex prospects on the Internet!

...Maybe a malicious user is sending threats to other people using your computer and pretending it was you!

...Maybe your children are visiting dangerous websites and chatting with unsafe adult individuals!

...Maybe you have employees that idle away taking care of their own business or surfing the net, or maybe they are exchanging bad jokes about you!

How PC Police will help you:

  • Catch cheating spouses, malicious users and negligent employees on the spot.

  • Stop your kids from going to unsafe websites, chat rooms or viewing obscene pictures.

  • Uncover lost documents and view passwords.

  • Find out anything about anyone.

Download PC Police

List of all features of PC Police

  • Total stealth - PC Police works in the background and is completely undetectable. It is password protected and all the logs are encrypted and cannot be found on the computer.

  • Remote monitoring - PC Police has the ability to let you view the recorded activities from ANY computer and from ANYWHERE. It is also capable of sending alerts to remote computers when certain activities take place.

  • Records keystrokes - PC Police is a stealth monitoring application that will record all keystrokes on a computer and display them in a user-friendly format or secretly email them to a secret email address.

  • Logs chat sessions - PC Police has several built-in engines to secretly log BOTH SIDES of IM conversations and chats.

  • Records Internet visits - PC Police monitors the Internet activity precisely by logging all web pages the user visits.

  • Logs accessed folders - PC Police secretly records all accessed folders on the monitored computer.

  • Logs accessed files - PC Police secretly records all accessed files on the monitored computer.

  • Records executed programs - PC Police secretly logs all executed programs and accessed windows on the monitored computer.

  • Records copied text - PC Police records all copied text on the monitored computer.

  • Securely displays the logged data - PC Police displays the data in friendly interactive and secured format grouping it by date, time, computer user and more.

  • Capable of exporting the logged data - PC Police can export any log into 4 common document formats.

  • Provides a friendly log printing - PC Police lets print any log into a friendly readable format.

  • Is totally configurable - Can be configured to display warnings, to reset the login password, to delete old logs in bulk, to send email alerts if the log files become of a certain size, etc.

Download PC Police

Click the Download button to obtain the software or read further if you need more information.

Review the new Generation 2.5 core features compared to other similar software:

yes (feature available)
no (feature not available or not fully supported)


Software Feature PC Police Other Leading Product
Keystroke recording yes yes
Recording of Internet visits yes no
Logging of accessed files/documents/folders yes no
Recording of executed programs/accessed program windows yes no
Recording of BOTH sides of chat/IM messages yes no
Recording of all copied text yes no
Remote monitoring yes no
Exporting of the logged data into 4 formats yes no
Friendly log printing yes no

Download PC Police

Screenshot of the software:

Click on image to open a larger view:

Hit "Download" to obtain the software:

Download PC Police

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